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Robin Djusberg is a solo musician/songwriter from Östersund, Sweden, who writes about everything between society issues to personal interests. The music is heavily guitar influenced and thank's to his connections with organisations like Naturskyddsföreningen, PUSH Sverige, and Artister för miljön, he is deeply involved with environment issues and makes his experience around this a part of his musical artistry.

Robin Djusberg är en soloartist från Östersund som skriver musik som berör allt från samhällsfrågor till personliga intressen. Som gammal rockgitarrist är hans musik starkt gitarrbetonad och influerad av "den gamla skolan". Iochmed aktivt medlemskap i grupper som Naturskyddsföreningen, PUSH Sverige och artister för miljön är han insatt i miljö- och klimatfågor och har som del av sitt artisteri bakat in sina tankar kring dessa ämnen


Book me as a live performing artist and I will play my own songs for up to three hours according to agreement.

 Contact me by mail:

Or by phone: 0706458843 for booking or questions

You can also hire me as songwriter to projects or artists, or as a studio musician (voice, acoustic guitar and/or the
electric guitar)


In the beginning

I began my musical journey with the keyboard. I learned to play by myself and started composing melodies right away at a young age. I didn't know anything about notation so I developed my own way of writing down the music. In the teenage years I picked up the guitar and learned to play by watching guitarists around me. When we bought a computer to our home I could finally discover the music world and learned tabulatures which helped a lot. Very soon I discovered the programme "Guitar Pro" which made my composing possibilities explode. I started a band together with a good friend, and that band developed and became Shrednekk which helped me grow as a guitarist.


I began my three years of musical education and developed my skills by learning theory. I started composing videogame music (for myself) and arrange orchestral music on guitar, mostly from movies.


I began to sing and started working as troubadour and I'm still doing that today. I arranged loads of songs for acoustic guitar (and voice) mostly from the rock genre, and I also picked up the usual repertoar for troubadours around here.


Singing acoustic music was a real joy, so I started writing my own acoustic music but kept it for myself for a long time.


I began additional musical studies at different places in Sweden (Umeå, Karlstad, Växsjö) and developed my theory skills additionally. I also released a secret album with 12 songs.



BIBA records helped me record and promote 5 songs which became my first EP (The long road to equality) and I sent one of the songs (A walk in the rain) to radio stations around Sweden and this was the first time people got to listen to my music.

I went on a tour through Sweden (sponsored by Studiefrämjandet and Naturskyddsföreningen). I started a cooperation with "Naturskyddsföreningen" and became a member of the organisation "Artister för miljön".

I worked as a musician for the project "Run for your life" by writing a song for the projekt and performing live in three cities.


I got married and changed my last name to Djusberg.

I arranged the project "Ain't dead yet" together with Amplified Medborgarskolan.

I arranged creative workshops together with Vuxenskolan.

I recorded two songs with Johan Arveli.


This year it´s a lot of focus on starting up a music company, and to play live a lot. I do around 80 gigs throughout the year.

The song: "Sweet brother" is played a lot on radio.


I´m still building the company, buying new equipment, learning loads of songs and playing live a lot. By Augusti I started to work on a new album for my own music. "Sweet brother" is still played on the radio.

Background photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson
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